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Let’s work together to maximise your Flare Rewards

Our delegation services enable token holders to earn lucrative rewards on the Flare Network.

FTSO London, supported by a robust IT infrastructure leveraging cutting edge development, provides accurate and reliable submissions of price data at regular intervals to the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO).

Advanced algorithms are constantly refined with the objective of generating maximum reward for the benefit of all Songbird and Flare token holders who have delegated their vote to FTSO London.


Specialists in IT and Finance, we are well equipped to outperform as a data signal provider to the Flare Network

Years of experience in the IT and Finance sectors have helped us understand that investment in technology research and development is key to success.

Specializing in IT and extremely knowledgeable in the cryptocurrency space, we are well equipped as a data service provider to deliver lucrative rewards to Flare and Songbird token holders.

We value the vote of every FLR and SGB token holder and we are truly excited about how we're positioned to generate Flare Rewards.

Together, let us help you maximise your Flare Rewards

Token rewards

Token holders are rewarded by

FTSO London for vote delegation.

Tokens remain unaffected within each token holder’s wallet. It is the perfect and simplest way of generating passive income.

Accurate and robust

Our proprietory price data algorithms are constantly refined to optimise rewards. FTSO London price signals are sourced from live data feeds and submitted in accordance with FTSO requirements via our automated systems.

Global systems

Our IT infrastructure is located within tier 3 data centres around the globe backed by SLAs that guarantee a monthly uptime percentage of 99.9%. Our solutions are scalable and offer high availability with full redundancy.

Delegate your vote to earn
passive income

Flare FLR and Songbird SGB token holders are free to delegate and un-delegate their votes at any time. 

The voting delegation lock takes place on any random block beginning approximately 42 hours prior to the start of the next reward epoch. Basically any time between 14:41 UTC Thursdays and 08:41 UTC Saturdays for SGB tokens. All Songbird reward epochs last 7 days and begin on Saturdays at 08:41 UTC.

All Flare reward epochs last 3.5 days and begin on Thursdays at 19:00 UTC and Mondays at 07:00 UTC.

FLR Address: 0x4429306b301a0eb573fa5758bb40aa581255c624

SGB Address: 0x0708a4c813594b7e0218cb4a5d8b75c76abfc859

Image by Mahosadha Ong
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